in LFWM AW20



‘Motherhood, sisterhood, and the family we choose too’, was the inspiration for Bethany Williams AW20 collection. Since becoming a mother myself, nothing else comes close to the  empowerment you feel to appreciate the sheer majesty and strength of mothers, the feminine spirit and the sisterhood it brings.

The support network of one’s elders, friends and family becomes ever more pronounced and some of course for the better and some for the worse. Using techniques inspired by children’s clothing, the overalls and trousers were covered with visible stitches and fun pops of colour. Stand out moments were the painted pieces which were reminiscent of a Matisse painting and ever so striking.

Bethany Williams is ever evolving in her consciousness and has chosen to collaborate with The Magpie Project, a Newham based charity, which functions as a support network for mothers and children in temporary accommodation, which I think is such an important and altruistic way to use her platform.

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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