in MFW SS19

Beatrice B a sumptuous delight of haute-tech research, new colour combinations and visual impacts, all combined to create different worlds, that are interestingly enough all part of the same universe of Beatrice B. While rooted in the present, it pushes its stylistic language towards the future. There were lilac and citrus accents with timeless monochrome moments which added a touch of elegance.

There were also ultra-glam moments of fierce magenta and sequins. The textures were three dimensional with haute-tech compact jersey and embroidered denim. And crowning this off with my personal favourite, Beatrice B’s beautiful vintage scarves prints which are reinterpreted to give life to dynamic dresses in which patchwork creates different sections of colour and influences that reshape fluid and soft lines.

Photos // Beatrice B

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director




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