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This season Barbour celebrated its 125th anniversary and fifth generation milestone in the beautiful surroundings of Lancaster House. Barbour showcased the new ‘re-engineered collection,’ featuring limited edition pieces, inspired by Barbour’s archive collections from the 1980’s, which have been reinvented into a contemporary and urban style.

Barbour presented a prodigious collection consisting of 5 exclusive styles; the Haydon wax cotton jacket, a lightweight parka, two quilted jackets and a leather motorcycle jacket. Each style was composed for men’s fashion and altered for women’s fashion also. All distinctive pieces were completed with dress Gordon lining and 125th anniversary collectable pin.

The collection also featured a jacket which was designed for the producer and film director Ridley Scott. The dexterous piece was completed with large pockets to hold A4 scripts, detachable padding for all set conditions, and completed with anti-glare zips and buttons. Scott’s daughter also accompanied to create the women’s style producers’ jacket.

What I loved the most about the collection, was that it celebrated its heritage and the brand’s roots. Barbour originally catered to fishermen and mariners and their style developed and became a ready to wear, stylish urban brand. I particularly became fascinated with the biker style, this is a very classic style which is suitable for all occasions and all seasons.

What sets Barbour apart from other brands is how diverse they are, their pieces are made for men, women and children, with stylish shirts, trousers, smart and casual shoes. The pieces are all extremely practical, including detachable linings, detachable and hidden hoods to allow the pieces to be perfect for all seasons.


Photos // Barbour 

Words // Ellie Mose – Fashion Assistant 

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