in MFW SS19

Antonio Croce’s SS19 Mirabilia collection was a masterclass in regal opulence, set in the outdoor garden of Milan’s, ‘I Chiostri di San Barnaba’. Set along Roman columns, this was a snapshot of how fashion is indeed cyclical, rather adding to the otherworldly feel. This was an army of for the modern Goddess, with military style jackets, some of them were worn half on / half off and providing a lovely modern twist.

There were soft moments of floral elegance and then the crowning glory of renaissance style dresses complete with elegant Tudor necklines. ‘Taste, smell, touch, sight and sound: femininity passes through all the senses to outline a sensuality that feeds off of sensations.’ And this was a feast for the eyes!

Photos // Antonio Croce

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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