in LFW SS19

This season, Ada Zanditon showcased her sublime collection, inspired by the recent discovery that Pink is the oldest colour, reflecting some of the most ancient pieces on Earth. Zanditon combined inspiration of ancient life with the juxtaposition of a digital future, accentuating the tones of pink, creating a contemporary candy land fantasy.

The collection was made up of beautiful tulle dresses, holographic skirts, bralets and accessories. The accessories are made to decorate the body than hide it, empowering the individual’s spirit to showcase who they are and who their inner self wants to be. Zanditon clearly did not want to conform; she wants the individual wearing her designs to feel empowered and like a work of art.

The presentation was opened by the singer Marta Olejarz, wearing an alluring pink tulle dress, completed with armour-like textured corset. We saw some intricately composed and textured corsetry, beautifully juxtaposed with a simplistic and elegant skirt, creating a truly enticing piece. The collection was further composed of futuristic structured dresses, accessories, light pink, electric pinks and purples, creating a Goddess-like feminine collection.

Zanditon creates her accessories and pieces using crafted modular construction techniques, manipulating materials to create sculptural masterpieces. Each rivet is embellished with glistening Preciosa crystals, with each crystal able to reflect 264 unique rays of light; they fall anywhere on the spectrum of light from silver to fuchsia. These crystals accomplished a stunning collection of adroitness.


Photos // Ada Zandition 

Words // Ellie Mose – Fashion Assistant 


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